Sunday, August 29, 2010
12 cards (2 each of 6 designs)

Sunday, September 19
1:30 – 4:30 pm
$25 per person

Come and learn how to use the same design template to make 6 different cards for various occasions. We’ll talk about the use of colour, stamps, embellishments and techniques can change the look of a card, even when it has the same basic elements.
Please register with payment by Friday, September 10. Email me at

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Once upon a time ... what a great thought-starter! This traditional story-telling technique allows you to create a wonderful story, maybe even incorporating details you might not have otherwise noticed or thought to share.  You can also choose an interesting point of view: yours, the subjects of your photos, or a third-person narrator.

Once upon a time, over the hill and down the winding road into the valley, there was a pond.  It wasn't large, but it had clean, crisp water and on bright, sunny days, it sparkled like diamonds, reflecting and refracting the light in a thousand different directions.  And this pond was MAGICAL.  If you simply dipped your toe into the cool water, it gave you the power to FLY!  Fly sideways, fly forwards, fly high, fly low, ending with a fanciful SPLASH!  And along with flight came laughter. Tinkling, babbling, giggling laughter.  The more you laugh, the higher you can fly.  It's no wonder that this magical pond is a favourite playground for the two princes of the Kingdom of Ballantyne.

And now I will turn the storytelling over to you.  What's your "Once upon a time"?

Sunday, August 8, 2010
I didn't get as much hands-on crafting done over my vacation, and it was hard keeping up with my favourite challenges when I only had 1 bar of internet reception on my BlackBerry LOL.  But I read A LOT of scrapbooking and card-making magazines and was really inspired.  The result is this adorable thank-you card using a tag, for the Heart2Heart challenge.  And naturally, since I was working on demo cards for my Splendor Workshop on the Go, I used Splendor paper -- LOVE those clouds. They really kept me in the vacation mood.

Back to work tomorrow. Sigh.

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