Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Many people find journaling in their scrapbooks a challenge. Often, it's the last thing you do, and sometimes, it doesn't even get done. In these Writer's Corner entries, I will share some tips and inspiration to help make journaling your memories easier ... and fun! And I'll finish off with a challenge for you to try. What is a journal? It's a written record of your experiences, observations and emotions. It's that simple. It can be short or long. It can be written in first person (me), second person (you) or third person (they). It can be words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs. It can be hand-written or typed out. Stamped or diecut. It can be visible to all or hidden just for special view. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to journal. But for many of us, it's an important reason why we scrapbook at all -- to share the memories. So have fun with it. And don't think of it as "leaving a legacy". Just think of it as a one-to-one conversation with your loved ones. Write from your heart. THE 5 Ws When we were kids, we were taught to use the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why. So why not use them in your scrapbooks? Use it to plan out what you want to say about a photo or a layout ... or use it as journaling itself! EXAMPLE: Sparklers WHO: Sam (8) and Charlie (4) WHAT: Playing with sparklers WHERE: Aunt Renee's cottage in Bala, down on the docks WHEN: August Long Weekend, 2009 WHY: Celebrating summer, family, and cottage fun! (Plus, Mommy was having fun experimenting with the camera settings, thanks to help from Uncle Tim!) See? Journaling can be simple and easy, and still show your personality. CHALLENGE: Take a photo or group of photos you are about to scrapbook. Before doing the layout, write down the 5 W's that apply to these pics. You never know -- you might have your journaling done before you know it!

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  1. wow- those photos are AWESOME... would love to know how you set your camera to get the sparkler shots!


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