Thursday, March 26, 2015
This June, I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary as a Close to my Heart consultant.  It's a pretty huge milestone, and one that I'm quite proud of.  I've put in a lot of hours, effort and pieces of my heart into my business, but I can honestly say that I've gotten so much more back.

It's not just about the income.  Money helps, sure, and the money I've made as a CTMH consultant has not only paid for my own personal scrapbooking supplies, but it's also helped pay for my cleaning lady, my son's orthodontics, my Weight Watchers membership, and family vacations.  This past February, I was able to take my husband on a bucket-list vacation to Hawaii, because I EARNED the trip with CTMH.

It's not just about the accomplishments.  In 10 years, I have set a lot of goals and reached many of them.  I am a Top 3 Seller in Canada, I have reached the title of Director, and I have become a leader within CTMH consultant circles.  Whatever goals are important to you, there are many opportunities with CTMH to achieve them.

For me, the biggest thing I have gained from CTMH is family.  Community.  A place where I belong.  I knew I had met some great friends -- customers and consultants alike.  But the true testament to the love I receive from CTMH became evident this past year when I was battling cancer.  The support I received was amazing.  The friends that stood by my side with encouragement, strength and a casserole, restaurant gift card, jar of spaghetti sauce or baggie of waffles.  The people I hadn't met yet, but sent good thoughts and prayers to me anyways, just because they were CTMH sisters.  I discovered just how truly blessed I was ... and it was all because of CTMH.  Ten years ago, I would have been fighting my battle with much less support, much less strength.

With CTMH, I found the place where I belong.  It feeds my passions.  It allows me to work to my strengths and excel.  It gives me friendship, support and encouragement when I need it most.

Being a CTMH consultant isn't just a job.  It's home.

If you're looking for somewhere to belong, email me at  Let's talk.  I just might know the place you're looking for.


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