Thursday, October 27, 2011
Everyone has their favourite things to scrap with.  You know, those things you take to every crop, every retreat, every class.  Those things you always stock up on and keep on hand.  And you're pretty much guaranteed to use them, no matter what.

Here is a list of my 10 favourite scrap things and why.  Maybe they are your favourites too and we can compare notes on new ways to use them. Or maybe this list will inspire you to try something new ... and maybe gain a new favourite for yourself.

1.  CTMH 4x6 Flip Flaps:  oh, how I love these.  While I love the look of nice, clean, simple layouts with lots of negative space and "air", that's just not my reality.  I have so many pictures to scrap, and Flip Flaps help me "git 'er done".  I can layer on 2, 4, even 6 extra photos in the space of 1.  I definitely could not have done my first Disney album (actually 2 albums) without them.

2.  Ribbon:  Any ribbon will do, but I love, love, love organdy.  And Stampin' Up's grosgrain ribbon comes in so many gorgeous colours.  Even though I have boys, I simply cannot do without ribbon.  My name is Sheri and I'm a ribbon-aholic.
Yes, I have a lot of ribbon.  A LOT!

3.  Basic metal brads:  bronze, pewter, silver, gold.  Well, gold not so much, but the others are common fixtures on my pages.  They add a little extra zing and can even be embossed to change their colour to match my needs.

4.  Liquid Glass:  good for EVERYTHING.  I've used it on photos and on embellishments.  I've used it to create a water look or to adhere prisma glitter.  I've covered chipboard letters and dotted it on Just Blooms flowers.  I've attached clear plastic shapes and finicky buttons.  And just now, I used it to fix my son's thermos.  What is there NOT to love about Liquid Glass.

5.  Plastic canvas:  I have a 1" wide strip that I carry with me in my tool kit.  I use it to space out embellishments and keep them straight and even.  I also have a plastic canvas circle for aligning embellishments "on the round".  This tool is just so hand and only cost me pennies.

6.  Work in Progress Album: I talked about this in a previous post.  It's a binder-type album that I can carry with me wherever I go.  It helps me keep my pages in order (since I don't scrap in order) and it keeps them protected when I travel with my pages.

7.  Inkssentials White opaque pen:  this is the best white pen I've found, and believe me, I've tried many.  It's not perfect, but when it works, it works amazingly.  Great for journalling on dark papers.

8.  Post-it Notes:  A staple in my tool box.  Handy for masking when you're stamping.  Great for writing notes on or doing rough copies of your journalling.  And ideal for writing yourself notes if you have to remember to look up a date or add an embellishment you forgot at home.

9. Glitz Glitter Gel:  I've been having so much fun adding glitter to my pages and cards.  I especially love the red at this time of year -- I've made so many "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeers" lately!  CTMH only has 4 colours -- so not as many as the Stickles line -- but the basics are covered and I've been able to use them with so many different paper themes.  It comes out clean, dries well and there's so much less mess than my old favourite prisma glitter.

10.  Bath & Body Works Mini Antibacterial hand sanitizer:  these are last, but certainly not least.  I carry one with me everywhere.  They smell soooooo good and are great at getting sticky leftover adhesive or messy ink off your fingers.  Perfect when you're at a crop or retreat and it's time to leave your project for a snack or a meal.  Keeps you clean without having to make a sometimes lengthy trip to the ladies' room.

So there you have it.  My top 10 must haves or toolbox basics.  My favourite things.  Do you agree with my favourites?  What are are your faves?

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  1. I too love the Work in Progress album, always have post it notes in my bag, and love my liquid glass! I think another favourite of mine are the My Legacy Black writer pens - I just had to order another set because I used up the first ones!


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