Wednesday, October 12, 2011
I like to be organized.  And I'm known in my family for my organizational skills (or anal retentiveness, depends on who you talk too!).  Being organized gives me a sense of peace and definitely reduces stress.  But since starting to work from home, I have not been as organized or as methodical as I would normally like.  I'm trying to change that this month.  I promise you.  And I promise myself!

So last week, when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with what was on my plate, I took on the monster task of organizing and loading my scrapbook albums with the HUGE pile of completed layouts waiting for just such a day.  And it did take ALL DAY.  But boy, was it worth it!

Here are my nicely organized and labelled albums:

And here is my Close to my Heart Work In Progress album.  It's got the L/Os from 2010 and 2011 (I'm still catching up!) because I don't have enough albums yet.

I love it because it's got the binder clips that lets me put L/Os in and take them out so easily.  So I can do the pages as I feel like it (I'm not a chronological scrapper) and get them ready for the albums even before the album is ready.  It gives great protection for my completed work when I'm away at a crop or retreat.

In the process of organizing, I found out I had two sets of duplicates.  I have 2 layouts using the same Halloween pictures in 2008.  And I did 2 layouts of my niece Alexandra in her Snow White costume with the Snow White doll we gave her.  I had searched HIGH and LOW for those pictures after I printed them, only to go and print them again.  I had completely forgotten that I had scrapped them already.  But I love both layouts!

I also rediscovered some of my favourite moments and favourite layouts.  Here are 3 of them:

My Cute Charlie

Sam and his Big Catch

The boys at Dad's Barber Shop

It was a lot of hard work and I hope to not let it get to this point again where I have so many pages NOT in albums.  But it was so worth it.  And I loved looking at all the precious work I've done over the years.

So I'm organized now.  Well, my albums are organized.  Next step, organize my time.  ;)


  1. I think I need to get that work-in-progress album.

  2. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I can totally relate to functioning at my best when things are organized. It IS peaceful. I completely agree.

    On another note, thank you so much for showing us what a Work in Progress album looks like. I had always wondered what it looked like on the inside. :-)

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of scrapbooks! How many are they? Were you the only one who made all of these? I admire your determination, hard work, and patience! Keep on doing what you enjoy!

    -Max Macbeth


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