Sunday, August 12, 2012
If you've ever purchased a CTMH stamp set, you'll be familiar with the colour-coded insert that comes with the stamp, helping you to organize your stamp collection.  Sentiments, Spring, Everyday Life, etc., each with its own colour.

With this Idea Book, CTMH has taken a more classic approach, simplifying both the design of the stamp insert as well as the categories, to make things easier!

Aren't they classy looking?  Now, there are only 6 categories of stamps:  Holidays, Seasons & Nature, Flair, Everyday Life, Occasions, and Alphabets.  And the category is right on the stamp label for easy identification:

Now, those of you who have dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of stamp sets, like me, are probably wondering what kind of system to adopt to integrate these new stamps in with the old colour-coded ones.  Well, there are a couple of options:

1)  Some of these categories, like Everyday Life, are the same, so you can store your new stamps right along with the old.

2)  OR, you could just start fresh and organize only by the new categories and try to fit the old ones in.

3)  OR, you could organize by code number or alphabetically.  I sometimes think of the stamp set's name before I think of its colour or category, so this might be easier.

4)  OR, you could add a little coloured dot or sticker beside the label to help identify and match it with your colour coded stamps (Thanks, Krista Ritskes, for this great idea!)  This is likely the approach I will take -- and I plan to label my storage boxes too, for even easier storage.

You've got a few options for organizing.  What I suggest is that you don't jump too fast and set something in stone, even before you try it out.  Organize your stamps one way and live with it for a while.  If it works, GREAT!  If not, then try something different.

Regardless of how you organize, you'll still love the amazing quality and design of CTMH's My Acrylix stamps.  The insert may have changed, but the stamps are still the ones you love!

Happy Stamping!


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