Thursday, August 2, 2012
This Fall, there were big changes in the CTMH colour palette.  I expected some changes -- they usually introduce new ones every two years and it was due.  And while some well-loved neutrals were put to bed, some other colours that many consultants and customers alike didn't know how to use were also retired.  I was excited to give the new colours a try ...

Introducing:  Slate, Whisper (light grey), Champagne, Cashmere, Saddle and Ruby.

New colours really invigorate and inspire my creativity.  But I also always wonder how they compare to retired colours and to other colours in the palette.  Here's what I discovered ...

Overall, the new colours are warmer tones than their retired or existing counterparts.  Grey Wool and Grey Flannel almost seems blue compared to Slate and Whisper.  And the browns have a warmer feel too.  Ruby is a nice, strong red compared to Cranberry and is a nice replacement (in my opinion) to Holiday Red and Tulip.  I can't wait to see and compare these colours in cardstock.

Above, I mentioned that there were big changes in the CTMH colour palette.  It started with introducing new colours, but went way beyond what I was expecting.  CTMH has reduced its colour palette from 60 exclusive colours down to 40.  That means more than 20 colours were retired (including the ones that were replaced by the new shades).  What?!?  The reasoning behind this change was to make it easier for CTMH to keep our colour palettes fresh and up-to-date with the trends, allowing all of us crafters to feel like we're using the most popular colours.  CTMH is also adding "specialty" colours that will only be available in certain Level 2 paper packs -- again to keep up the trends and add some refreshing changes with each Idea Book.  And while I'm really sad to see some colours, like Moonstruck and Sunflower be retired, I'm excited about the possibilities I can create with the new palette!

So what is my favourite new colour?  I'm really partial to Saddle -- it's warm like leather and I can see myself doing lots of great stamping with it.  I've also always wanted a true Christmas red, and I think Ruby does it for me.  I can't wait to play with it.

What do you think of the new colours?


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