Sunday, August 5, 2012
I generally love it when layout sketches use standard sized photos -- 4x6, 5x7, 8x10.  But sometimes, you find a layout that you really love - like the layout in the Clementine Workshop on the Go on page 29 of the New Idea Book or the adorable "Do Not Peek" layout on page 88  -- and it uses smaller sized pics.  Do you have trouble visualizing how big a 2x2 or 3x3 photo really is?  I do.  I look at my photos and am often convinced it just won't work.

But then I dig in my bag of tricks and pull out my CTMH My Acrylix(tm) blocks.  Not only are they just the right size, they're clear, so I can move them around my photo and see that a certain photo really WILL work on the layout.

Here's how you crop a photo to 2x2:
Step One:
Choose a photo and move your 2x2 My Acrylix(tm) block around until you have the important part of the photo framed the way you want it.

Step Two:
Mark where the outer borders are.  Use a pencil or a wax pencil to draw a 2x2 square around the photo (or just mark the top and one side, and use the measurements on your trimmer to cut the other sides).  With practice, you may be able do this in your head and remember key landmarks to cut your photo -- i.e. The top of the photo is slightly above Sam's head, and the left side is right down the edge of Charlie's backpack.

Step Three:
Cut using your trimmer.

Step Four:
Use a tissue to erase any pencil marks left behind.

Step Five:
Attach to your layout!

CTMH's affordable My Acrylix(tm) blocks come in a variety of sizes for stamping that are designed for easy handling ... and they'll help with your cropping too!  Check them out on page 121 of the NEW CTMH Idea Book.


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