Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Lately, I've been crushing the things that make me happy -- from family recipes to special occasions to every day silliness.  I love the freedom and unstructured creativity that comes with CRUSHING.

Here are some tips to make crushing faster, simpler, easier ... and super fun!

CRUSH Tip:  Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.  And keep it flat.

The beauty of Crush books is that they don't have to be over complicated.  Simple photos.  Simple embellishments.  Simple techniques.  You can really capture memories while you're on the go, or catch up quickly if you're behind.  The pages are already beautiful, so you don't have to add much to create a gorgeous page.  And simplicity helps your photos POP.

Another part of keeping things simple is keeping it FLAT.  You don't want a lot of dimensional or hard embellishments bulking up your book.  Because the pages are bound in, bulky bling can make it more difficult to work with future pages.  It may also make your book as a whole too think and cumbersome.  Keep your Crush books flat, light and uncluttered.

This layout is about my newly-decorated living room.  It's my oasis and the place I want to go when I need to relax.  So I just used a little bit of washi tape and a few simple stamps to embellish the pages.  Journalling finishes it off.

This one page layout is all about my breakfast.  Not too exciting for outsiders, but I like routine and I am a creature of habit.  This page is a reflection of me and it makes me smile.  Again, it's flat and simple, with a little washi, a few stamps and a little bit of me left on the page.

Come back throughout the month for more tips and tricks for your CRUSH books.

Want to learn more?  Come out to my "52 Weeks of Happiness" Crush Workshop.


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