Tuesday, April 8, 2014
When you join CTMH, you ARE running your own business, but you AREN'T alone!  You're part of a team ... actually, if you join my team, you're part of TWO awesome teams.  And you become part of an amazing family that is interconnected across the country and throughout the US too!

Join today and you'll be joining a great group of ladies.  The Designing Divas is my team, and I'm all about connecting with my team, giving them support and knowledge if they want and need it.  You can contact me anytime, by phone or email.  We can arrange to meet regularly, if that's what works for you.  And we get together from time to time to learn and create.  I am here to help you succeed.

Lying around at Convention 2013.
The paper we received matched the carpet!

My upline is Brae Montgomery, is the leader of The Brae-ers and our team is a part of this amazing team.  The Brae-ers is the second largest team in Canada and filled with some friendly and talented consultants.  We connect through in-person and online team meetings, Corporate events, Facebook and more.  If a Brae-er can't help you find an answer, then no one can.  :)

Especially in Canada, CTMH consultants are like family.  We help each other, have friendly competitions and work together to make our own businesses and CTMH as a whole successful.  The Corporate team is so friendly, helpful and approachable.  And they provide us with some amazing resources, like videos and audio training sessions, fantastic events like Convention, and motivation through rewards and incentive trips (I'm working my way to Hawaii as we speak!).

Me with our executive VPs -- what an awesome trio!

Want to be a part of something truly reward, and simply amazing?  Join my Designing Divas team ... and join the CTMH family.  Sign up today!


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